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Used Sewing Machines

Walking Foot Machines

Consew 745 R20 is a long arm Double needle with 3/8" gauge. It is a walking foot with reverse. This is a beautiful heavy duty machine that is in great shape. Cost is only
$2950.00 complete with table and motor

This Juki LuH 520 is a double needle with compound feed that has a walking foot and large bobbin. There is no reverse but comes complete with a Servo motor for only

Speciality Machines

Tedco, Juki LZ-2280

This Juki LZ-2280 is a High Speed zig-Zag with reverse. This also includes table and motor for only

Tedco, Techsew 2700 Cylinder Arm

Techsew 2700 Cylinder Arm
walking foot with reverse and servo motor now on sale at

Tedco, Apex Zipper Machine

Apex Zipper Machine

Tedco, Union Special 51500-L

Union Special 51500-L
Double needle Chainstitch machine
$950.00 complete

Tedco, Brother LT2-B8725

This is a Brother LT2-B8725 is a double needle with a positioner motor. It is set to 3/8" and comes with large bobbin and has needlefeed.The price for this is

Tedco, Consew 199 R-1A

This Consew 199 R-1A is a Zig-Zag with reverse. Comes complete with table and motor for only

Straight Stitch Machines

Tedco, Singer 3115

Singer 3115 | Drop feed lockstitch, single needle
Straight Stitch with  No reverse and table

Tedco, Singer 2491 D300A

Singer 2491 D300A is a heavy duty single needle machine with a drop feed. This machine has reverse and come complete with table and motor for only

Blindstitch & Sergers

Tedco, Lewis Union Special 150-2

Lewis Union Special 150-2
with extended arm Blindstitch
Complete $650.00

Teedco, Juki MO-812

This Juki MO-812 is a 4 thread safety and comes complete with table and motor for

U S Blindstitch 718-1 is a Drapery Blindstitch with the skip non-skip feature and swing down narrow feed cylinder arm. comes complete with table and motor for

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